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50 Trading Rules


Eis um conjunto de regras de TRADING pertencentes ao livro Trading Rules - Strategies for Sucess, vi no nosso parceiro info 5 stars ( http://info5stars.blogspot.com/2008/07/50-trading-rules.html )

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50 Trading Rules.
Book: Trading Rules - Strategies for Sucess.
RULE 1: Divide your trading capital into ten equal risk segments
RULE 2: Use a two-step order process
RULE 3: Don´t overtrade
RULE 4: Never let a profit turn into a loss
RULE 5: Trade with the trend
RULE 6: If you don´t know what´s going on, don´t do anything
RULE 7: Tips don´t make you any money
RULE 8: Use the right orders to get into the markets
RULE 9: Don´t be whimsical about closing out your trades
RULE 10: Withdraw a portion of your profits
RULE 11: Don´t buy a stock only to obtain a dividend
RULE 12: Don´t average your losses
RULE 13: Take big profits and small losses
RULE 14: Go for the long pull as an outside speculator
RULE 15: Sell short as often as you go long
RULE 16: Don´t buy something because it is low priced
RULE 17: Pyramid correctly, if at all
RULE 18: Decrease your trading after a series of sucesses
RULE 19: Don´t formulate new opinions during market hours
RULE 20: Don´t follow the crowd - They are usually wrong
RULE 21: Don´t watch or trade too many markets at once
RULE 22: Buy the rumor, sell the fact
RULE 23: Take windfall profits when you get them
RULE 24: Keep charts current
RULE 25: Preserve your capital

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