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50 Trading Rules ( part 2)


Eis um conjunto de regras de TRADING pertencentes ao livro Trading Rules - Strategies for Sucess, vi no nosso parceiro info 5 stars ( http://info5stars.blogspot.com/2008/07/50-trading-rules.html )

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50 Trading Rules.
Book: Trading Rules - Strategies for Sucess.
RULE 26: Nothing new ever occurs in the markets
RULE 27: Money cannot be made every day from the markets
RULE 28: Back your opinions with cash when they are confirmed by market action
RULE 29: Markets are never wrong, opinions often are
RULE 30: A good trade is profitable right from the start
RULE 31: As long as a market is acting right, don´t rush to take profits
RULE 32: Never permit speculative ventures to turn into investments
RULE 33: Don´t try to predetermine your profits
RULE 34: Never buy a stock because it has a big decline from it´s previous high, nor sell a stock because it is high priced
RULE 35: Become a buyer as soon as a stock makes new highs after a normal reaction
RULE 36: The human side of every person is the greatest enemy to successful trading
RULE 37: Ban wishful thinking in the markets
RULE 38: Big movements take time to develop
RULE 39: Don´t be too curious about the reasons behind the moves
RULE 40: Look for reasonable profits
RULE 41: If you can´t make money trading the leading issues, you aren´t going to make it trading the overall markets
RULE 42: Leaders of today may not be the leaders of tomorrow
RULE 43: Trade the active stocks and futures
RULE 44: Avoid discretionary accounts and partnership trading accounts
RULE 45: Bear markets have no support and Bull markets have no resistance
RULE 46: The smarter you are, the longer it takes
RULE 47: It is harder to get out of a trade than to get into one
RULE 48: Don´t talk about what you are doing in the markets
RULE 49: When time is up, markets must reverse
RULE 50: Control what you can, manage what you cannot

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